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This East Africa Pan-African Summit was held in Kenya. As a first time attendee, I had many different expectations of what the summit would be like. It was honestly more than one could imagine! Over the course of the trip I made new relationships with the people from the American group as well as the Kenyans and Ghanaians. We all bonded as one big family even though some of us had never met each other. This was definitely an amazing experience.

The theme for the summit was "The Power of Hope and Abiding Faith in a Changing and Challenging World." For me, this theme carried with us throughout the whole trip, beginning with our mishaps at the airport. Though we encountered some obstacles that set us back, we had hope that God was going to work things out for us and he did. There were many times that we were confused as to why things were going the way they were but we had faith that God had a plan for us.

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