Courage To Live Project

Youth Hope-Builders Academy Bridges Initiative 














The Kiwanis Foundation of Atlanta awarded a second grant to the Youth Hope-Builders Academy (YHBA). The grant was a follow up to the 2016 project, “Courage To Live: A Video Project on Moving From Conflict to Peace.” Dr. Anne Wimberly, YHBA Director and Dr. Edward Wimberly, member of the Youth and Family Advisory Board, attended the December19, 2017 Kiwanis Holiday Celebration Luncheon, to receive the grant award.

The special project was held from January 2018 through July 2018. It
entailed the use of the YHBA curriculum on “Strengthening Family
Roots: Communication, Discipline and Family Life”. The overall purpose of the project was to engage adolescents and their parents/adult caregivers in hands-on experiences of assessing
patterns of connecting in family life, exploring positive connection practices, and applying these practices in guided exercises in readiness for using them at home.

Team members for the 2018 project included YHBA staff Dr. Anne
Wimberly, Minister Pamela Perkins and Dr. Casina Washington; Dr. Robert Hughes, Youth Universe; Minister Thomas C. Cotton III, Redemption and Advancement Alliance, Inc.; and Mr. Paul Wilson and Mrs. Shawnice Wilson, Kinsman Community Ministries.  Additionally, it was our pleasure to remain in partnership for another year with The Villages of Carver Family YMCA, the host venue for all sessions.